BSidesLA is now ShellCon

Over the last six years Security B Conferences California have had the honor of operating BSidesLA. Now in our seventh year of operating a security conference in the Greater Los Angeles Area, we’ve realized the need for us to grow and evolve to better serve the Los Angeles cybersecurity community with improved focus and effectiveness.

As BSides communities continue to evolve, so does Security B Conferences California and how we deliver on our mission. Today we’re announcing that Security B Conferences California is a starting a new chapter as we embark on a new journey together.

The Security B Conferences CA Board, the conference organizers, will continue our long standing tradition of building our great community with a renewed sense of purpose and focus.

If there is an interest to help be a part of the ShellCon community, please reach out to us.

Hack. Share. Include. Grow.

Security B Conferences of California & the ShellCon team


This section will attempt to answer questions for the community about the transition from BSidesLA to ShellCon.

What is ShellCon?
ShellCon is a conference about community, hacking, and getting your hands dirty. Brought to you by the people who have organized BSidesLA for the last six years and a number of new organizers who bring a fresh outlook and great ideas. We are heavily influenced by the openness and welcoming atmosphere BSides has cultivated within the community and will continue that tradition. ShellCon is a conference where we want you to walk away from a talk or the Hacker Village with an itch to try what you just learned and the knowledge to do so. Presentations and events at the con will have a focus on practicality and real world use. We’re dreamers who need to get things done.

Is this just a name change?
It is the BSidesLA community, but it is a new con. Not just a new name, but we won’t deny that it is the same community which we intend to grow and make more awesome. However, ShellCon is its own entity, and we will grow into our own over the coming years.

Who is Security B Conferences of California?
Security B Conferences of California is a 501(c)(3) California non-profit that was formed a few years ago to operate conferences in California. For the past few years it has operated BSidesLA.

What happens to BSidesLA?
At this point, BSidesLA is a name which we don’t use anymore. Security B has returned the trademark (name, and use of it) back to the trademark holder BSidesSF.

Could someone else put on a BSidesLA?
Interested parties should contact the trademark holder (BSidesSF) to inquire about using the BSidesLA name.

Who is running ShellCon?
See the Organizers page.

How do I get involved?
Sign up as a volunteer for ShellCon!

Who do I direct any questions to?