Call For Papers

BSidesLA 2016 CFP is closed.

Important Dates:

  • 08/26/2016 – Round 1 submission deadline
  • 09/16/2016 – Round 2 submission deadline


It is once again time for fun and security at the beach.  The goal of BSidesLA is to bring together the local community and out-of-towners for a chance to share and exchange ideas in an open, friendly, and highly interactive environment.  The talks are a simple opportunity for everyone to present their ideas, round-table, mash-up or other activity on Information Security and its related fields. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or a first-time presenter, bring your ideas because we all want to hear them. BSides is a friendly environment; if this is your first time presenting at a conference, let us know and we’ll be sure to help you out in any way that we can!

The BSides community has in variety of interests, including but not limited to:

  • Hacking/Pentesting
  • Coding
  • Exploits
  • Defense
  • Offense
  • Hacking back
  • Privacy/Security
  • Low/no tech hacking
  • Forensics (not just digital)
  • Malware research
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Physical Security


We are interested in subjects that can help others grow their skills, gain new knowledge, and explore new ways to collaborate in the information security community.

Note: We do not accept commercial presentations.

Each talk should be up to 45 minutes in length.  You can use slides, live demonstrations, sock puppets, and even have a group or panel.  Presenters should expect interaction with the audience.  Presenters shall make all reasonable efforts to be available before and after their talks, as knowledge sharing between community and presenter is encouraged at all times.  Pre- and post-talk interaction can occur in our sunshine and sand track, or in the light-subdued hallway track where mentorship and professional growth is encouraged and free in a low-stress, non-judgmental environment.

What do you get?

An opportunity to present your ideas in an environment free of judgement, and full of interaction.  A warm welcome for your thoughts and ideas, free food, and a big thank you hug for your participation.  Extra awkward hugs will be distributed as well!  You also get a cool T-shirt. Oh and the beach, did we mention there is a beach?

Selection Criteria

There will be two rounds to the CFP.  In the first round speakers will be selected by the BSidesLA CFP team, and the second round will be voted on by registered users and attendees of the conference.

First round selection will be based on the subject and proposed content of your talk and free of any judgments of personal attributes and choice of favorite operating systems.  Speakers who are not accepted in the first round will be placed into the second round.

Speakers submitting during the second round will be selected based on voting by registered users.  The BSidesLA organizer team reserves the right to add additional speakers in order to ensure our goals for encouraging a broad cross section of ideas from our local community, and ensuring new speakers are given an opportunity to be heard.

Because BSidesLA is a community-driven event we are focused on ensuring approximately 2/3rds of the speakers will be selected from the Southern California area.

Submit Your Proposal

Submit Here!

To propose a talk, please have the following ready:

  • Your name (If a Panel, or co-presenters, please list those as well.)
  • Title
  • Abstract – Please be as detailed/technical as possible
  • Speaker(s) Bio – Short blurb about the presenter(s)
  • Speaker Location – This is important, where are you coming from?
  • Contact Information (email and phone number, will not be shared outside of CFP committee)
  • Website/Blog (non-commercial) – Free advertising!
  • Twitter Handle – #bsidelaswillstalkyou


Please make sure your abstract contains technical/detailed information about your talk. Funny one liners or vague descriptions will be thrown to the bottom of the pile. Your location is also important; we take into consideration your travel plans when scheduling your talk.

If you understand all the above and are ready, Go Here.

We look forward to seeing your submissions, and seeing you all at the con! Don’t be shy, step on up and submit an idea. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to shoot us an email to